Bahamas: Atlantis Reopening? I haven’t a clue

Atlantis’s top executive has warned thousands of furloughed staff members that COVID-19’s uncertainties make it almost impossible “to predict” when the mega resort will re-open.

#Audrey Oswell, the Paradise Island property’s president and managing director, told employees in a video message posted to its website that “no one has all the answers” or can accurately forecast when the pandemic will end.

#Indicating that The Bahamas’ flagship resort will likely be closed beyond the May 15 date previously announced, Ms Oswell also told the workforce to be prepared “to navigate changes” involving the implementation of rigorous health and sanitation measures in the run-up to Atlantis’s eventual re-opening.

#The video, which was posted last week, also informed staff that they should receive the first relief payments from both Atlantis and the hotel industry’s Health and Welfare Fund by this week at the latest.

#And, pledging to always put the health and welfare of staff first, Ms Oswell promised that Atlantis will “emerge even stronger, with more courage, resilience and hope for the future” despite the uncertainties surrounding when it will re-open.

#“As the global conditions surrounding COVID-19 continue to evolve, we realise that no one has all the answers or can precisely predict when this will end,” she said. “This situation makes it difficult to predict when we will be able to re-open.


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