Dominican Republic: Epidemic lays bare health system

For the pulmonologist Ivelisse Acosta and the infectologist Josefina Fernández, the COVID 19 epidemic has exposed the great weaknesses of the country’s health system. Acosta, president of the Dominican Society of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery, said that it is true that it is a very unusual situation, but that the more weaknesses there are, the impact of any catastrophic event is greater.

He said that despite the fact that pulmonologists are treating patients on a daily basis, they do not have any information on where they can send positive or symptomatic patients to maintain proper isolation when they do not have these conditions at home.

“I understand that the response must be accelerated because each day there will be a greater demand for services and attention and that it must be possible to coordinate with community sectors,” he said.

He understands that it is necessary to work more intensively to reinforce points, such as tests, isolation in priority foci, availability of isolation areas, people without symptoms, more hospital beds, biosecurity measures with adequate supplies because health personnel are getting sick and for staff that maintains public safety.


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