Members of the local football fraternity are really feeling far-reaching effects of the current COVID-19 pandemic. With the sport being one of the first to be brought to a screeching halt when the virus made its presence known in Barbados, Technical Director of the Barbados Football Association, Ahmed Mohamed, said that their players were holding up as best as they could.

Speaking to The Barbados Advocate this week, Mohamed explained that they were hardest hit in the national programme as two teams were readying them self for competition. “As you know, COVID-19 is a serious thing and it really and truly affects us all because we were on the last part of preparation for the Gold Cup playoff. Not only the Senior national team, but the Under-20 had qualified for the Round of 16. They were also in serious preparation for that too. So that affected us on all fronts,” he said noting that the Seniors were in the Concacaf Gold Cup and the Under-20s qualified for the playoffs in the Concacaf U-20 championship.

Although both teams could possibly lose momentum after coming off sound performances, Mohamed said that there was very little that could be done. “That is something higher than us and we can do nothing about it. The best thing we can do is to give the boys some instructions and some home training to do and we are monitoring that week-by-week and making sure that they are doing that. We are also controlling the intensity of the training that they are doing,” he said.


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