The first music video shot entirely in Zoom marks an evolution in quarantine tunes

As musicians move past the initial quarantine stage of performing virtual concerts to comfort fans, we’ll be seeing more and more creative musical uses for Zoom.


Music is known to get people through tough times—both the people making it and the people listening.ADVERTISEMENT

With the toughest times in, uh, the last century hitting America currently, it’s like the Bat-Signal for musicians. Whether the urge to perform stemmed from an altruistic duty to comfort fans, or the Blair Witch Project mode of “I can’t die if I’m still filming,” the early days of the quarantine in America saw an immediate wave of virtual performances.

When these couch concerts first arrived, they mostly trickled out through Instagram Live or Twitter.hayley from Paramore @yelyahwilliams

*corona chaos ensues*
*toilet paper is now currency*
*frozen burritos for the rest of my life possibly*

“anyway, here’s wonderwall…”

Embedded video

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These performances were more relaxed and intimate, raw and stripped down than artists could manage in live venues. And they helped cement the idea that we’re all going through this pandemic together, although another musician, Lady Gaga, would go on to correctly acknowledge that wealthy musicians are not exactly going through it in the same way as everyone else.

The next wave of quarantine tunes saw musicians migrating to Zoom.

The Roots performed this way on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon: At Home Edition, for instance, in late March.ADVERTISEMENT

More recently, the performers from Broadway musicals have been coming together on Zoom, from around the world, in an attempt to inject the medium with some razzle-dazzle. John Krasinski brokered a Hamilton original cast reunion on his social media show, Some Good News, while the cast of the Carole King musical, Beautiful, performed the song “You’ve Got a Friend” to raise money for the Actors Fund.


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