Barbados: US requests additional travel permits for citizens here

THE United States (US) Embassy has requested permission from the Government, through the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), for another special commercial relief flight, in addition to four others previously requested, to assist US citizens and residents to leave the country.

In a health alert on Wednesday, the US Embassy said that the number of requests being made has caused the period to be an interestingly challenging one.

It noted that, while several flights have been successful thus far, the Embassy will not be able to facilitate such transport indefinitely.

“We are aware of the hardship land and airspace border closures have created for U.S. citizens who need to return to the United States. We have been exploring all options to address the current travel disruptions since Guyana closed its airspace to commercial flights on March 18. To date, we have requested special permission from the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority to operate service for four commercial relief flights to transport Americans and their families home,” the alert stated.


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