WHILE commending evidence of social distancing as seniors attempted to cash their pension cheques yesterday at the Eagle Hall Post Office, President of the Barbados Association of Retired Persons (BARP), Marilyn Rice-Bowen, expressed concern that the opposite could be seen at the St. Philip Post Office.

She alluded to videos and photos circulating on social media, showing a long line stretching from the Eagle Hall Post Office to the Eagle Hall traffic lights as a result of social distancing.

“On the other hand, the situation at St. Philip Post Office has concerned quite a few of us because no attempt at all was being made to practise social distancing. Very few persons in the video clip were wearing masks. These are all seniors.

“I want to appeal to our seniors again, if you want to leave home and it is evident some of you have to leave home to cash the cheques, that there is nobody to do it for you, please practise social distancing, please wear masks because what’s going to happen if this continues, you are going to put a real heavy burden on the social services in this country. You have to make an attempt to protect yourselves.


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