Bahamas: Hundreds Lose Jobs As Cable Bahamas And John Bull Shut Shops

Cable Bahamas yesterday confirmed the temporary lay-off of almost 100 staff as its top executive revealed that major corporate clients are warning “daily” they may stop using its services.

#Franklyn Butler, the BISX-listed communications provider’s chief executive, told Tribune Business that the likes of hotels, web shops and liquor stores were repeatedly sounding the alarm that they will not be Cable Bahamas customers “if the emergency orders extend much longer”.

#Confirming that the lay-offs were designed to prepare Cable Bahamas and its affiliates for a post-COVID-19 future, Mr Butler said the group’s action had primarily impacted workers employed at now-closed retail stores operated by itself and the Aliv mobile provider. Sales teams were also affected as Cable Bahamas moved to ensure its survival amid the loss of major income-generating clients.

#The move, which involves 76 Cable Bahamas employees and 20 at Aliv, was announced as Tribune Business learned that John Bull, the luxury goods market leader, had informed hundreds of staff that it will also be temporarily laying them off with all store locations closed amid the pandemic lockdown.


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