This superyacht is designed to vanish in the water

Superyachts are usually made to stand out, but this new cutting-edge concept is quite the opposite — designed to blend into the background.

The 164-feet HIDE isn’t likely to sail out of the shipyard anytime soon given the current coronavirus crisis, but it could well be on the order books as soon as things look brighter.
Devised — before the pandemic — by yacht designer Anna Borla, the vessel concept is tailored with huge reflective glass panels that mirror whatever natural setting it happens to be passing through.

This is to offer privacy to guests, as well as emphasize the encompassing environment, according to Borla, a finalist in BOAT’s 2020 Young Designer of the Year awards.
“HIDE wants to blend in with the environment around her,” says Borla, explaining the aim is to “give importance” to the scenery the superyacht moves through, rather than the vessel itself.
But while the focus may be pointed on the backdrop, HIDE’s sleek features are arguably just as impressive as any dramatic landscape.

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