Dominican Republic: Due to coronavirus, Public Works disinfects crowded places

The Ministry of Public Works reported yesterday that it continues with the disinfection work of public areas, squares and places with a high number of people, in order to combat the spread of the coronavirus epidemic.

In a note, the institution indicated that the works are carried out in places with a lot of people such as supermarkets, pharmacies and parks.

Public Works said that the day, which started at 5:00 in the afternoon, covered Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Tiradentes and Máximo Gómez avenues. He added that four other teams were scattered in the areas of the National District.

In Winston Churchill, the text refers, the overpass with John F. Kennedy, in front of the Bravo supermarket, was disinfected; La Sirena Multicenter, Plaza Lama and Gustavo Mejía Ricart corner.
While in the Abraham Lincoln it included Vimenca, Ferretería Cuesta, Supermercado Nacional, La Cadena, Ágora Mall and the intersections of the Robert Reid Cabral Children’s Hospital.


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