With supermarkets closed for the time being, local farmers are worried about how they will get produce off their hands.

In light of this, those agricultural stakeholders are being assured that every effort is being made to ensure that they do not end up with a great deal of wastage. In fact, Minister of Agriculture and FoodSecurity, Indar Weir, said he is intent on creating space for the farmers to be able to sell their produce, as he noted that he has been on the receiving end of communication from farmers about their concerns.

Minister Weir made the comments in an interview with The Barbados Advocate, as he admitted that with the tourism industry having gone flat in recent weeks, the potential for anoversupply of produce is very real.

“If you have an oversupply it means you are going to have wastage; this is what I am trying to manage. If it is that we are ramping up production, we have to make sure that there is market for the farmers who are producing it, and so things like supermarkets being closed would obviously impact on how the farmers would get rid of the produce.

“The poultry farmers, for example, would have no way of being able to sell fresh chicken if the supermarkets are closed. Village shops can’t take all of that chicken being produced simply because one, they don’t have the financial resources and two, they don’t have the space,” he explained.


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