Trapped On High Seas – Longing For Home, Jamaican Ship Workers Split On Being Stuck In Cabins

Linford Graham* feels like he is living in a cage while being in solitary confinement for Danielle Ellis means refuge from the novel coronavirus on the outside.

The two Jamaicans working on separate cruise ships, Harmony of the Seas and Celebrity Cruises, respectively, are on the high seas, somewhere between Cape Canaveral, Florida, and a private island in The Bahamas, neither able to come home because of the closure of the island’s ports to incoming passengers and the blow dealt by COVID-19 to the cruise industry.

Graham says that there are approximately 100 Jamaican workers on his vessel while Ellis works with about 35 of her countrymen.

The difference: Graham wants to return to his homeland and says many of his colleagues are anxious to set their feet on ‘The Rock’, too.

“I am not used to being in solitary confinement like this. I try to read as many books as possible,” he told The Gleaner. “But it is kinda like being in a gilded cage because there is no interaction.”

Graham says other Caribbean nationals are aboard the cruise ship, and the only major group that has left since the fallout are the Indonesians, whose government sent a chartered flight for them.


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