COVID-19 locks down Belize

Belizeans all across the city were seen in lines at grocery stores, banks, credit unions, utility companies, and everywhere else in between where business is conducted, as the city prepared for what became the new normal after midnight last night, when the country of Belize slipped into a national State of Emergency that the government declared in its fight against the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic.

At midnight last night, the ordinary freedoms that Belizeans have become accustomed to and which are guaranteed under the Belize Constitution were put on hold, as the Emergency Powers Regulations 2020 came into effect.

Under the national State of Emergency, freedom of movement is curtailed and Belizeans are to remain indoors and can only come out to purchase the necessary provisions or for medical attention. There are, however, persons whose work has been included in a category of services which are deemed to be essential, and these people will have to report to work. All other businesses that are not considered essential services are to remain closed during the month-long state of emergency.

In its fight to prevent the cruel coronavirus from spreading beyond the three confirmed cases in Belize, the Ministry of Health has issued a number of directives in order for us to battle the coronavirus.


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