‪COVID-19 “Changes Everything” – Mark Cuban Welcomes “America 2.0”

Mark Cuban appeared on Fox News’ “Watters’ World” on Saturday night to discuss how he would approach the bailout of America a little more different than the current administration. Cuban said after the virus clears, “everything” will fundamentally change about this country.

Cuban calls President Trump’s bailout of America “a good program,” but says he would have done things a little bit differently:

“I would have set up overdraft protections for every single business,” Cuban told host Jesse Watters. “The way we’re doing it now, and trying to have everybody apply for a loan, that just adds friction to the process.”

“And the same with the $1,200 stimulus checks,” Cuban continued. “It’s not that it’s a bad program. It’s a good program at this time. But if I would have done a little bit different. So effectively, if you have a small- or medium-sized business, we would just cover all your checks and then the Fed would reimburse your local bank for anything that you bounce.”

“That way, you could keep all your employees employed, pay all your bills, pay your mortgage, pay your rent and utilities, and things can continue, somewhat at least, as normal,” Cuban said.


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