UK: Temporary Morgue the Size of Two Football Pitches Being Built in London

While the UK is working on building field hospitals in convention centres across the UK to deal with an increasing number of patients, emergency coronavirus measures are also taking into account the projected rise in deaths with the founding of temporary morgues.

A temporary morgue is being built in the London borough of Newham which will “act as a holding point” before burial or cremation, in anticipation of a surge in deaths in the capital.

Rokhsana Fiaz, the mayor of Newham, said in comments reported by the Evening Standard: “We know that the number of deaths will rise. That is why as part of the Government’s response, additional morgue space is being found and one of those is Manor Flats in the Manor Park area of Newham.”

The Mirror reports it will initially be the size of two football pitches. The city’s first coronavirus morgue was built behind Westminster Coroners’ Court in central London, but that is expected to hold no more than 100 bodies.

While weddings and baptisms have been banned during the coronavirus lockdown and places of worship barred from receiving congregants, funerals are still permitted, albeit with faith leaders and funeral directors instructed to encourage bereaved family members to keep services small.


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