Medical College accuses clinics of bouncing covid-19 patients

The president of the Regional Medical College of the National District, Yocasta Lara, yesterday called the president of the National Association of Private Clinics (Andeclip), Rafael Mena, to act immediately and stop the practice of some clinics of rebounding patients with symptoms respiratory.

He assured that this practice constitutes an attack against the right to health of all Dominicans.

Lara said that almost daily she receives dozens of calls, both from patients and their relatives, to report that health service providers deny them medical assistance.

“I remind you that you are violating Article 61 of the Constitution of the Dominican Republic, which states that everyone has the right to comprehensive health,” said the union leader.

Lara said that the owners of private clinics are not unaware of the problem facing the country in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

For this reason, he urged to correct the issue that violates the country’s laws to the detriment of people.


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