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Panic at the national penitentiary
Wednesday at the national penitentiary, the death of an inmate due to breathing difficulties, led to believe a case of Covid-19 and sowed panic among inmates. However, Charles Nazaire Noël, Director of the National Prison Administration, denied the rumor and said that the detainee had died of an asthma attack.

Covid-19 : 2 “leaf doctors” arrested
Wednesday in Les Cayes, two individuals (Calustin Jean Mary and Jean Anès Serin) claiming to be leaf doctors (Neg Fey) were arrested for manufacturing and selling fake medicines to protect Covid-19 from a population under the influence of psychosis of disease, easy prey for crooks of all kinds…

Covid-19 : 100 trucks for urban spraying
Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe announced that in the coming days, 300 health workers trained by the Ministry of Public Health, accompanied by soldiers of the Haitian Armed Forces, will have the mission of cleaning up the streets by spraying, in order to limit the potential for spread of Covid-19. The Government should acquire 100 trucks adapted for this task.

The PNH redoubles its vigilance
The Haitian National Police (PNH) is redoubling its vigilance in the fight against banditry and crime in the country. The intensification of patrols allows the police to carry out important nets. The alleged bandit, Richardson Richard, a member of the Village de Dieu gang, was arrested by the Port-au-Prince police when he was trying to escape.

Continuation of the “pòt a pòt” operation
The Government is continuing the “pòt a pòt” operation to provide aid to the most disadvantaged. Distribution continues unabated and grows, every day a little more. Thousands of food kits are sent to the doors of the most vulnerable. Several cities have received their kits : Petite place Cazeau, cited in Les Cayes, Pèlerin 5, Canaan… See also :


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