Guyana: GECOM to decide on recount process -Chair declines to consider report with discredited Mingo numbers

More than a month after the March 2nd general elections, the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) has promised that a decision will be made today on the way forward in the protracted process which has triggered political gridlock.

“Consequent to the decision of the Full Court, [GECOM] met… to discuss the way forward to conclude the electoral process [however] the meeting was adjourned and will reconvene… at 10:00hrs where a decision is expected,” GECOM public relations officer (PRO), Yolanda Ward said in a statement.

The main issue discussed yesterday was the recount of votes cast in electoral district four which Chairperson Claudette Singh has promised to facilitate.  The count for  that district was declared by international observers to not be credible and not enabling of the swearing in of a new President.

No decision has been made but the Chief Election Officer (CEO) has, according to government-nominated commissioner Vincent Alexander, been asked to address his mind to the process to be undertaken to facilitate a recount.


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