Belize: Woman who transmitted coronavirus may be charged, AG Peyrefitte says

A San Pedro businesswoman who returned to Belize on Thursday, March 19, on an international flight from the U.S. city of Los Angeles, became the country’s first confirmed case of the coronavirus.

The 38-year-old San Pedro resident assured authorities when she arrived that she would go into self-isolation.

When Prime Minister Dean Barrow made the announcement of the first COVID-19 case on Monday, March 23, he assured the country that there was minimal risk of the woman transmitting the virus to others, since, as he understood it, the person “had already started feeling unwell and so went straight into self-isolation.”

“I say this not to preempt the medical personnel who will talk to you as soon as I’m done, but to make the point early on that while we don’t know for sure, and while the full tracing and mapping exercise will be done, it does seem as though there was very minimal contact with anyone except for the physician that attended the person at the private clinic she visited, and that physician was properly protected … point being that we are hopeful that the incidence of transmission would pretty much be nonexistent,” Prime Minister Barrow went on to say.


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