Bahamas: We Don’t Have Any Face Masks Left, Say Pharmacies

WHILE health officials have changed their stance on people wearing masks to reduce the spread of COVID-19, some local pharmacies say they don’t have any available for sale.

“We don’t have any masks,” said a supervisor at Lowe’s Pharmacy on Soldier Road, who did not give her name. “I am not sure when we are going to get any either.”

An employee at The Friendly Pharmacy in Cable Beach, said none were available and she had no idea when they would be in stock.

Another pharmacy said the masks in stock were only for employees.

“Unfortunately we only have sufficient masks for our staff,” said Laura Charlton, proprietor, Prescription Parlour Pharmacy. “At this time we do not intend to sell masks because we had some before and some of the price points are a lot more expensive than what we want to sell them for and we don’t want the unnecessary fall out from persons thinking we were price gorging so we are just referring them to others who we know are selling them.”

On Tuesday, Health Minister Dr Duane Sands said that while medical grade face masks are needed as a priority for healthcare workers and others on the frontline, homemade masks may “provide some protection” to the general public.

“We have moved from some of our strongly held views,” Dr Sands said on 96.9FM show Morning Blend, with host Dwight Strachan.


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