Dominican Republic: DNA closes the New Market; will carry out cleaning and order operations

The National District City Council yesterday closed the New Market on Avenida Duarte with the aim of controlling the spread of covid 19 in the city and the country, through sanitation and management, a decision that supported social, religious and community groups.

“The Duarte market will be closed for a week, and working tables will be organized with the Central Government and with the president of the High Level Commission, Minister Gustavo Montalvo,” said Mayor David Collado, who was in charge Of action.

He added that “just as we have had the support of the Ministry of Defense and the National Police today, the Market will also be properly evaluated and, when reopened, we ensure the preservation, integrity and health of people and users of this important supply center for the National District and Greater Santo Domingo ”.

The ADN also carried out cleaning and fumigation operations in other markets, which it will continue to improve its operation.

Mayor David Collado reported that the decision to close the market was taken with the consensus of the federations of merchants, wholesalers, and the neighborhood councils of Capotillo, de la Surza, the church, and community groups.


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