Trinidad: PM-Draw from strength, determination of Baptists

THE Prime Minister says we must acknowledge and salute the determination of the Spiritual (Shouter) Baptist community as they have continually demonstrated fortitude.

This is the 24th year of Spiritual Baptist Liberation Day being recognised as a public holiday in TT.

In a release, Dr Rowley said, “Today, as we celebrate this historic and life-changing occasion, in the ravages of a global pandemic, we must not only acknowledge and salute the determination and resilience of the early elders and members of the faith but we must draw strength from those before us who in their struggle brought us safely to this stage.”

On March 30, 1951, the 1917 Shouter Prohibition Ordinance, which prevented Spiritual Baptists to freely practise their religion, was repealed.

Rowley said the religion now plays a role in the “Africanisation of Christianity,” and that the nation must uplift the members with equality and respect.

“They were considered as persons who were too loud, made funny noises when they worshipped and were deemed to be ‘an unmitigated nuisance.’

“Their determination is extremely relevant, particularly today, when we, as a people, need to motivate ourselves in the face of these major crises.”


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