Spain’s COVID-19 Case Total Passes China’s, South Korea Reports Disturbing Rebound In New Cases: Live Updates


  • Dr. Fauci says 100k-200k Americans may die from COVID-19
  • Trump extends guidelines to April 30
  • Spain case total passes China
  • South Korea reports worrying rebound in cases around Seoul
  • Russia expands Moscow lockdown throughout country
  • NYC remains undisputed center of US outbreak
  • Seattle area reports optimistic slowdown in new cases, deaths
  • New York surpasses 1k deaths
  • Indian migrant workers ‘washed’ with disinfectant
  • Netanyahu goes on quarantine
  • Trump: US has enough medical equipment & ventilators to deal with peak of virus outbreak
  • Spike in cases should arrive around Easter, Trump said, deaths expected to be “very low”
  • JNJ announces encouraging progress on vaccine
  • Chinese press publishes photo of Xi standing in public without mask
  • Australia launches worker subsidy program
  • Amazon workers planning strike

*   *   *

Update (0825ET): Before Trump insisted he would “rely on experts” to determine the end of the quarantine and that the worst thing to do would be to “declare victory” over “the invisible enemy” and have it not be true, the president took a few minutes to slam the national press. “I’ve spent three years trying to figure out who is more dishonest the New York Times or the Washington Post,” Trump said. “When I figure it out I’ll call you and we’ll have a special.”

Steve Doocy laughed a little, though his co-hosts were less amused.

If you have a cable subscription, you can watch the interview live here:

Update (0817ET): During President Trump’s interview Monday morning on Fox News, Trump insisted that the number of deaths would be “a very low number,” even as Joe Biden interjected, saying “I am issuing this challenge to Donald Trump…He must use the Defense Production Act within the next 48 hours … He may think the risk is having too many. That would be a wonderful problem to have. The risk is having too few.”


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