Dominican Republic: Medical College believes in a 24-hour 14-day curfew

The Dominican Medical College (CMD) and 55 societies of medical specialties warned yesterday that the worst has not come to the country regarding the advance of the coronavirus, so they asked President Danilo Medina to declare the country in a state of urgency. 24-hour mandatory quarantine for at least 14 days.

The alert of the medical sector was made through a statement and statements by Waldo Ariel Suero, president of the CMD, who assured that “the worst has not come, the virus is barely entering the country with force, that is why it is the measure of isolation that must be preserved ”.

He said that currently more than 50 doctors are affected by Covid-19, the vast majority of which have been infected doing their work in hospitals. “By virtue of the systematic growth and high levels of mortality of this virus in the country, the CMD and 55 specialized medical societies are kindly requesting the President of the Republic to declare the country in a state of mandatory quarantine 24 hours for 14 days,” Serum warned.

He said that the reality is that the situation is very difficult at the moment, so “one of the few ways to stop this virus is by using this instrument.”

Precariousness. The president of the CMD reiterated that the doctors continue to work in very precarious conditions and without due protection. “We are asking the country to help us with gloves, masks and any donation that they can make,” he said.

In an audiovisual message, sent to the media, Suero provided the number 809-851-9256 for those interested to make their donations.


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