As the COVID-19 virus sweeps across the world and makes its presence felt here in Barbados, citizens and residents have been urged to value human life, comply with the curfew that is in place, and not to panic.

This came last night in a rare televised address to the nation by Governor General Her Excellency Dame Sandra Mason. She told viewers that Barbados is as prepared and as ready as it can be to fight the virus, and lauded the Cabinet, the COVID-19 Czar, the Chief Medical Officer, other health professionals, ancillary services and Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley with her “surefooted leadership” for the tireless work they have been doing on the country’s behalf in the fight against the virus.

Dame Sandra, as she noted that she had signed into law the Emergency COVID-19 Curfew Directive, said that the world is in “troubled and unchartered waters”, with countries on lock down, national borders closed, citizens restricted to their homes and commerce at a near standstill.

“Understandably, dealing with the unknown makes us uncertain, anxious and fearful, but we must not let these feelings overwhelm or paralyse us… This nation has faced difficult circumstances and global crises in the past, and doing so has made Barbadians stronger. COVID-19 is pushing us once again to value human life, companionship, friends, relatives, neighbours, the sense of community and quiet time, [and] to be grateful for what we have,” she said.


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