Bahamas: We All Need To Do More: Curfew Extended Until At Least April 8, Two Infected Cases Hospitalised, Designated Shopper For Each House

THE House of Assembly will today debate a resolution to extend the country’s state of emergency and emergency orders to April 8, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis said last night, as he revealed the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases had surged to 14. Two of the newest cases are in Grand Bahama, while one is in New Providence. Dr Minnis also bemoaned the number of people who have been leaving their homes in spite of emergency orders restricting movement and a national 24-hour curfew.

In order to limit the number of people traversing the streets, Dr Minnis pledged yesterday that police officers will step up the enforcement of his curfew and that a food shopping schedule will be issued to limit how many people can attend grocery stores each day.

The new cases include a 41-year-old woman with no history of travel and unconfirmed links to previous cases; a 44-year-old man who also has no history of travel and has unconfirmed links to previous cases; and a 67-year-old man with a history of travel and no direct links to previous cases, according to the Ministry of Health. The latter two are hospitalised in stable condition at Doctors Hospital on Blake Road.

Noting the country has been doubling its cases over the last four days, Dr Minnis said: “We are at the beginning of an expected surge.”

He added: “This means we must increase our efforts to restrict the spread of this virus and to save lives.”

He suggested he is dissatisfied with the level of compliance with his emergency orders. While he stressed that he wanted the restrictions to end as soon as possible, he said they must be adhered to in order to stop the spread of the virus.

“Some people have very hard heads,” he said. “Well, this virus is harder and badder than even the hardest of heads in this country…There are still too many people on the road.


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