Officials say Paris hospitals will be hit hard following coronavirus spike

Hospitals in and around Paris are set to be inundated within 48 hours after a spike in coronavirus cases, Reuters reported.

Paris and the surrounding area now make up over a quarter of the nearly 30,000 confirmed coronavirus infections in France. At least 1,696 people have died in the country amid the pandemic.

“We will clearly need help in the Ile-de-France [Paris region] because what happened in the east is coming here,” Frederic Valletoux, the head of the French Hospital Federation, told BFM TV. He called for patients to be transferred to regions that are less affected by the pandemic.

“We will be at the limit of our capacities in 24 or 48 hours. We will need to show real solidarity between regions, hospitals and increase the numbers of patient transfers,” he said, Reuters reported.

Health officials in Paris have struggled to supply enough intensive care beds and ventilators to patients infected with the virus. They are also working to spread the patients across the region, the outlet reported.

“If we let hospitals cope by themselves, and let every territory that has been taken by the epidemic cope alone, then we shall head towards a catastrophe,” Valletoux said.


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