Trinidad: Govt urges public: Just stay home

In order to control the spread of the coronavirus and reduce the number of infections, Government is urging the public to stay at home and isolate themselves to reduce their chances of being infected or infecting others.

Speaking at a media briefing at the Ministry of Health, Park Street, Port of Spain, on Tuesday, Minister of National Security Stuart Young, called on the public to be responsible, citing the ability of the virus to spread rapidly between people.

“All of these measures by the Minister of Health and others are done to protect the population who are here in TT. If anyone can find a way to get through the barriers we have put up, it compromises the protection we are attempting to put in place.

“The contact spread of this virus is real. In South Korea it was one woman that led to the spread of 80 per cent of the cases. These measures can be easily defeated by people who take decisions to breach what we are asking you to do. Stay at home unless it is essential. If you have to, go to work but limit your social contact.”

Citing the rising death toll in Italy and the UK, Young said Government was making every effort to avoid such widespread infections from happening locally.


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