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100 Gourdes for 1 US dollar
Monday it took 99.25 Gourdes to buy 1 US dollar and for large amounts it took more than 100 Gourdes per US dollar. Jean Baden Dubois, the Governor of the Bank of the Republic of Haiti (BRH) explains that there is nothing to justify this rate and that it is “a small upturn” wanting to be reassuring, he declared “[…] I think the Gourde will stabilize against the dollar. People don’t need to panic. It is a situation which is under control, the Central Bank will intervene when it is necessary […]”

Unnamed horror
Sunday afternoon, the lifeless body of a little boy was discovered, at the mouth of the great Saint-Marc river. His body was hidden in a bag. He had his left arm amputated and a telephone cable was passed around his neck.

57 people arrested for non-compliance with the measures
This weekend, the police made 57 arrests of people who did not comply with government measures, including the ban on assembly to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The Canadian Embassy in Haiti is reducing its services
As a preventive measure in response to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, the Canadian Embassy in Haiti remains open but has reduced its operations exclusively to essential and emergency services until further notice. Canadian citizens in Haiti, please register via the registration of Canadians abroad. If you require consular services, you can contact us 24/7 at 509-2812-9000 / 1-613-996-8885 or via

Covid-19 : Belladère confines itself
The Mayor of Belladère, Macklish Ledoux has taken containment measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in his commune. Since yesterday Monday, no vehicle will be able to access Belladère with more than 2 people on board. The mayor complains that he received no government aid to fight the Covid-19, except for a megaphone.

The Ministry of Commerce monitors prices
The Ministry of Commerce informs the general public that it had dispatched, this Sunday March 22, 3 inspection brigades in the metropolitan area to check the variation in the prices of food, hygienic and pharmaceutical products in supermarkets. Assessment: 5 arrests See also :

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