Dominican Republic: Legislators ask to enable Hispaniola and SD hotels

The bicameral congressional commission that follows up on the declaration of emergency proposed yesterday that the Hispaniola and Santo Domingo hotels be conditioned to use them as isolation centers to serve patients with Covid-19.

He also promised to manage the preparation of a bill to use pension funds to shovel the economic situation of thousands of workers who have contributed to social security and unfortunately do not have the resources to face the crisis.
It also agreed to meet every week to evaluate the measures adopted by the Executive Power to face the emergency caused by the transmission of the disease.

It also recommended that the government more efficiently manage food aid deliveries by social assistance agencies to avoid conglomerates that become sources of contamination.

On the other hand, he requested that the necessary security measures be adopted for those workers who carry the aid.

Also that they are delivered in a more rational way and that serves as a palliative to those who have needs.

The information was offered by deputy Alfredo Pacheco at the end of the legislators’ meeting.

Pacheco said that the issue of pension funds was made at the suggestion of Senator Dionis Sánchez and was endorsed by some deputies such as Elías Báez, Ginette Bournigal and others.


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