Bahamas: 30 More Days? Bethel Suggests Extension To Lockdown Likely

WHEN Parliament convenes on Monday it will likely agree to extend the 24-hour curfew based on the recommendation of medical experts.

These experts have recommended the curfew be extended for at least another 30 days, according to Attorney General Carl Bethel. However, he later added a 14-day extension may also be discussed.

Speaking ahead of a Cabinet meeting, Mr Bethel also said it was possible the government’s clampdown would become stricter, saying bank closures were among the considerations. However, the decision would be based on the advice of medical professionals.

He said yesterday: “The House of Assembly is scheduled to meet on Monday to debate the question of extending the curfew, but I can let Bahamians know that first of all we are in close consultation with the opposition and they agree that we should follow the medical advice of the medical professionals, and at a meeting held with them a few days ago, the strong advice from the medical practitioners who are leading this fight is that we must extend the curfew for at least another 30 days.”

Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis imposed a 9pm-5am curfew which began last Friday. On Monday, the curfew was extended to 24 hours. The curfew and other restrictions contained in two emergency orders are set to expire on March 31.

When asked if stricter measures are coming to fight the spread of COVID-19, Mr Bethel said: “We can get stricter but right now, for example, we could shut down all the banks forthwith on the basis and understanding that most persons have some form or method of withdrawing cash from banks and there are deposit machines.


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