Londoners blast Sadiq Khan for REFUSING to run more services despite ‘key workers’ being crammed onto Tubes, trains and buses in coronavirus mayhem – as police step-in to do ID checks on Underground

  • Britons should only travel to and from work if it is ‘absolutely necessary’ and it cannot be done at home
  • PM said for at least 3 weeks people should only go out for essential goods, medical needs, or brief exercise
  • London’s transport network full again today – people packed like sardines on reduced train and bus services 
  • NHS sonographer Nicola Smith tweeted: ‘I love my job, but now I’m risking my health just on the journey in?! ‘
  • Sadiq Khan said: ‘My message is don’t use public transport unless you really really have to go to work’
  • Mayor of London admitted ID checks and police fines and dispersal powers could be used to ease crowding 
  • Government accused of mixed messages about builders and lack of financial support for UK’s self-employed 
  • Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?

Sadiq Khan has today been accused of risking the lives of Londoners who were forced on to crowded trains after Tube services were slashed in half on the first day of Britain’s coronavirus lockdown.

Police are also ready to guard all major stations and check ID to ensure only key workers are travelling amid chaotic scenes in the capital where ‘health hazard’ trains were rammed despite the unprecedented lockdown of British society.

London Mayor Mr Khan has sparked anger as he blamed commuters for flouting a ban on ‘all non-essential travel’ and said they must avoid rush hour ‘to save lives’ – but said he didn’t have enough staff to increase services and maintain any semblance of social distancing on public transport.

Commuters who suffered on packed trains today have hit out at the Mayor, who runs the capital’s public transport network, with one victim claiming it was about saving money, tweeting: ‘Using the pandemic to save a few pennies. Nice work helping the people you claim to represent’. Another Londoner wrote: ‘Utter disgrace. We need professional leadership at this time’.


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