Jamaica: Seniors Under Lockdown! – 75-Y-Os Ordered To Stay Put, 65-Y-Os And Over To Work From Home

As 65-year-old Trevor Small, a self-proclaimed garment constructor based in Kingston, walked along a near-empty Ocean Boulevard yesterday evening, he pondered the new work limitations that will be imposed on senior citizens like himself.

Effective tomorrow, Jamaicans 75 years and older have been ordered to stay at home for the next 14 days as the Government also tightened its ban on mass gatherings to 10 or more persons.

At the same time, the Prime Minister Andrew Holness said that public-sector workers aged 65 and over who are on contract should be allowed to work from home, subject to specified exemptions. He indicated that the private sector should follow suit. This also takes effect on Wednesday.

The announcement comes as the Holness administration warned that the country had entered the phase of community transmission in which cases of COVID-19 could spread rapidly.

The number of persons who have now tested positive for COVID-19 has increased by two, moving to 21.

Although there might be some pushback from critics about the tough measure imposed, the Holness administration is perhaps hoping that elderly citizens will adopt as supportive a position as Small’s.


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