Haiti – Diaspora : Several Haitians died from Covid-19 in France

The Consulate General of the Republic of Haiti in Paris has learned with great sadness of the death of certain compatriots and several cases of contamination following the spread of the epidemic of the Coronavirus Covid-19, mainly in the Paris region.

The Protestant community would be the most severely affected according to the testimonies collected. The Association of Taxi Drivers of Haiti also mourns the departure of one of its much appreciated members.

The Consulate General of Haiti in Paris offers its sincere condolences to the parents, friends and relatives, plunged in affliction and sympathized with the pain of all. It expresses his solidarity with all those who are hospitalized and all those who suffer from this epidemic and wishes them a speedy recovery.

The Consulate General of Haiti in Paris also recalls that the epidemic is only at its beginnings. According to the French health authorities, it is highly probable that it will continue to claim victims every day, pending the cessation of its spread following the measures adopted, such as confinement.

Also, the Consulate urges the Haitian community to be vigilant, responsible and show good citizenship, respecting the instructions of the French authorities and to protect themselves, in particular by staying at home and washing their hands regularly. Pending a drug against the virus, discipline is the only way to effectively fight Covid-19.

“In this difficult context of global health crisis where Haiti, in turn has just been affected, the Consulate General of Haiti in Paris has a special thought for the members of the Haitian Community of France in general and all those who are affected directly by the severity of the epidemic, in particular.”

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