Dominican Republic: Respirators and other medical supplies are missing

The search for respirators and other medical supplies yesterday marked efforts against the new coronavirus in the United States and Europe, as the number of infected grew and political negotiations delayed a quick package of aid from the US Congress.

In New York, fear grew that the state would become one of the new outbreaks of the outbreak. Mayor Bill de Blasio said hospitals were 10 days away from running out of “very basic supplies” that put patients and medical personnel at risk. “If we don’t get the material, we are going to lose lives.”

The spike in infections has caused a shortage of medical supplies in many places. Spain built a field hospital in a convention center. British medical personnel asked for more equipment, saying they felt like “cannon fodder.” US President Donald Trump ordered portable hospital modules to be shipped to Washington, California and New York.

In France, some doctors got masks in unexpected places: delivered by an architect, Breton construction workers, in factories. “There is a race to get surgical masks,” François Blanchecott, a biologist who worked front-line with testing for the virus, told France Inter radio. “We appeal to municipalities, industries, any company that may have a reserve of masks.” Medical workers said they had been asked to reuse and ration disposable masks and gloves.


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