The Streaming Services You Can Watch for Free While You’re Stuck Inside

There’s literally never been a time like now to take advantage of these deals.

As the coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, and more people find themselves in mandatory or selective quarantine, the question of how to pass the time and stay sane while on lockdown has grown to a matter of international importance. Many are trying to see this moment as an opportunity, using the abundance of time at home to learn a new skill, catch up on reading, to call old friends, or take a walk. There are many great and productive ways one could spend one’s days in isolation. But sometimes, all you want is to put on your pajamas, curl into a ball on the couch, and escape it all for an hour or two by melting into a great movie (or 10 consecutive episodes of your favorite show).

In a gesture of generosity for those in quarantine (or perhaps as a way of nabbing a captive audience), several streaming providers have decided to lift their paywalls and offer temporary extensions on free trials. These trials, which provide access to shows and movies across a wide range of genres and networks, are a small gift for everyone facing the possibility of weeks stuck at home. Here is a complete list of the networks offering free trials or extensions for those stuck at home.


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