Merkel Enters Isolation, New Zealand Goes “Full Quarantine” As COVID-19 Case Total Tops 335K: Live Updates


  • UK death toll jumps ~60 to 281
  • Rand Paul tests positive
  • US case total nears 30,000
  • Ohio, Louisiana, Delaware join lockdown
  • Harvey Weinstein reportedly tests positive for COVID-19
  • Global cases top 335k
  • NYC total cases passes 9k, while New York state nears 20k
  • Merkel quarantines herself
  • 5 GOP senators are in self-isolation
  • New Zealand goes full isolation
  • US death toll hits 374
  • Italy reports slowdown in deaths, cases
  • IOC sets 4 week deadline for Tokyo Games decision
  • WHO says lockdowns “not sufficient” to stop virus
  • NY secures supplies of meds that purportedly work to combat virus
  • Mnuchin proposes $4 trillion rescue package
  • Afghanistan, Kosovo and Romania all reported their first confirmed deaths
  • Italy set to revise death totals lower
  • Cuomo says nobody can say how long outbreaks will last

*  *  *

Update (2000ET): Stock futures hit limit down again overnight after Senate Democrats shot down the administration’s latest economic stimulus package, New Zealand said it would issue an order calling for nationwide self-isolation, while NYC announced the closure of all non-essential businesses.

Back to the antipodes, Australia’s Parliament will convene on Monday for a special sitting to pass stimulus measures to support the economy.

Amid the growing chorus of concern about the Olympics, and calls for the Japanese government to cancel or postpone the games, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told the Japanese Parliament on Sunday that Tokyo must consider postponing the Olympics if safety can’t be guaranteed.

The news for airlines keeps getting worse: Singapore Airlines just announced that it’s cutting 96% of its capacity through the end of April, joining carriers around the globe slashing flights as the fast-spreading coronavirus curbs travel demand.

Starting Monday, the company will ground 138 out of the 147 aircraft at Singapore Airlines and its SilkAir unit, according to a statement. 47 of 49 planes operating in the low-cost division will be grounded.

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that all non-essential businesses in NYC will be closed beginning Sunday at 8 pm.


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