Coronavirus Update: NYC’s Javits Center On List For COVID-19 Field Hospital

In the race to slow the spread of coronavirusGov. Andrew Cuomo has announced on Saturday that Manhattan’s Javits Center tops his list of locations to be turned into field hospitals to test and possibly treat cases of COVID-19 infections.

The plan is part of his request for help to the federal government for four field hospital sites and aid from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Cuomo announced the latest step in his COVID-19 plan as New York state broke the 10,000 mark on coronavirus cases, identifying 3,254 new cases in one day of testing. In New York City alone, confirmed cases jumped 1,800 individuals – a 30% increase – to 6,211 total cases.

“This virus spreads in density and that’s what we’re seeing in New York City,” said Cuomo.

By Saturday night, New York State’s total number of confirmed cases had grown to 11,710, including 60 deaths.

The Javits convention center – home to auto shows, trade conventions, comic cons and more – offers 1.8 million square feet of space within Hell’s Kitchen. Cuomo said he hopes four 250-bed units could be put there for a total capacity of 1,000.

Other locations Cuomo put on his list as possible field hospital sites included the campuses at SUNY Stony Brook and SUNY Westbury, and the Westchester Convention Center. The governor said he would be reviewing the sites on Saturday. Each of those would have one 250-bed unit under the management of FEMA.


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