Chang: China’s Real Disease Is Not COVID-19

Last July, five American analysts who have been consistently wrong told us “China is not an enemy.”

Actually, this time they were technically right. China’s communism is not an enemy. It is the enemy.

After the coronavirus pandemic subsides, Americans should not forget Beijing’s malicious campaign against their country.

For more than a month, the central government’s foreign ministry and the Communist Party’s Global Times have been trying to tar the Trump administration. The campaign culminated in a series of tweets from rising Beijing star Zhao Lijian, foreign ministry spokesman and deputy director general of the ministry’s Information Department.

On March 12, in a tweet, he accused U.S. officials of being “immoral.” Hours before, he had tweeted that “patient zero” was in the U.S. and suggested that the U.S. Army had “brought the epidemic to Wuhan” — intimating that America was conducting germ warfare.

Also that day, foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying, Zhao’s boss, twisted testimony of Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to try to show that the coronavirus outbreak had started in America.

President Donald J. Trump, in his Rose Garden press conference the next day, March 13, downplayed the overtly hostile messages. He first noted his conversations with Chinese ruler Xi Jinping and then saidreferring to Chinese leaders, “they know where it came from.”

Actually, it is worse if Chinese officials in fact knew where the coronavirus originated. In this case, these officials, by going out of their way to blame the U.S., were demonstrating once again the inherent hostility of their system to America.


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