As the cases of Coronavirus remain in single digits for most Caribbean countries, including Barbados, the state of California is being affected significantly by the relentless disease.

Before the revelation of the five confirmed cases of COVID-19, Barbadians have responded dramatically by panic buying, crowding popular supermarkets and warehouses to buy stockpiles of toilet paper and household cleaners. Since the news, there has been an impact on critical sectors such as tourism and the small entrepreneurs who rely on this industry.

This week a number of cruise ship operators suspended their operations to reduce the spread of COVID-19 on their vessels.

Floating ships and no destination
For those cruise ships which are still on the sea and have confirmed cases of coronavirus on board this has resulted in these vessels having no place to dock and leaving passengers stranded.

The most recent episode has been a British transatlantic cruise ship carrying more than 600 passengers and five people with coronavirus. This ship was refused docking by several Caribbean ports including Barbados. Visitors who spent their days on Carlisle and Browne’s Beach could see several large cruise ships anchored on the horizon. A number of cruise ship operators have suspended their operations resulting in passengers being refunded and empty floating vessels dropping anchor.


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