UK: Students ‘will be awarded GCSE and A-level grades based on combination of predicted grades, mock exams, coursework and assessment – with exam sessions in autumn’

Students whose GCSE and A-Level exams have been axed because of coronavirus will be given final grades based on teacher predictions, mock results and coursework from the past 12 months – with emergency exams in the autumn if they appeal, it was claimed today.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has refused to be drawn on how the results will be calculated but said the Government’s plan will be revealed tomorrow.

But Leora Cruddas, chief executive of the Confederation of School Trusts, which represents UK academies, has shared a leaked email to teachers about emergency arrangements for schools after they close tomorrow – including handing out results.

‘Perhaps the most controversial of decisions announced today relates to public tests and exams,’ her email read, according to Buzzfeed News. ‘There will be no primary assessment. GCSEs and A-levels will be awarded on the basis of moderated assessment with the exam boards and Ofqual [Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation]. Of course this is not ideal.

‘But I am persuaded there is no better option. For those young people who feel that they could have done better than their predicted grade, I believe there will be [a] mini-session [of exams] in the autumn.’

Earlier today, the Education Secretary warned parents they should ‘assume’ their children will be at home ‘for a considerable amount of time’ when asked if the academic year is over until the Autumn when all schools close their gates.


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