Want to drink your Twinkies? Hostess has just the product for you

Thanks to Starbucks and its bevy of bevvies (I’m sorry) like Frappuccinos and seasonal mochas, it’s become increasingly normalized for adults to purchase sophisticated, dressed-up milkshakes and hot cocoa on their way into work each day. And why not? As long as we all know that’s what we’re doing and harbor no delusion that the addition of coffee somehow makes these drinks a healthy and necessary part of our daily routine, then I think it’s great. I love these sugary drinks! (And I would never dream of ordering them “skinny.” I’m no fan of alternative sweeteners.)

But another drinkable dessert has entered the game, one that gives Starbucks a run for its money, and is likely to cost less money, too: the Hostess Ready-To-Drink Flavored Iced Latte, available soon in Twinkie, Ding Dong, Honey Bun, and Sno Ball flavors. There’s something refreshingly straightforward about a product that’s just trying to cram your favorite snack cake into a bottle.

According to a press release, the Hostess drinks “tastefully capture” the flavors of each classic dessert and will soon be available at retailers nationwide. I don’t know when “soon” is, but I do hope it’s soon by my own impatient standards, because only then might we be able to pick them up and determine whether these tasting notes are accurate:


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