Elites Are Buying These Emergency $5,000 Go-Bags To Survive Virus Crisis

The ultra-wealthy aren’t running to Costco stores and or other big-box retailers to load up on supplies. They’re hopping on private jets to disaster bunkers while the fast-spreading virus consumes the world.

These folks are also ordering $5,000 emergency go-bags that come with virus-fighting related products that will increase their survival probabilities.

Bloomberg notes that purchasers of the emergency go-bag can expect to find a “virus-eliminating” personal air purifier, Garmin satellite messenger, night vision goggles, portable solar panel kit, Datrex food rationings, and N-95 masks.

Ryan Kuhlman, the co-founder of Preppi, maker of high-end disaster kits, said as the virus spreads, the emergency go-bags are flying off the shelves:

“Our warehouse shelves are almost wiped out,” said Kuhlman. “Having the right tools and supplies can provide incredible relief to anxieties.”

He said sales jumped 5,000% in February, indicating that demand is coming in so suddenly that he’s having difficulty replenishing inventory.


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