Dominican Republic: US report affirms Dominican Government does not effectively pursue corruption

The State Department document includes criticism of resources allocated for political campaign

The annual report of the United States Department of State on human rights maintains that the Dominican Government does not effectively pursue corruption by officials, who frequently participate in these criminal practices with impunity, despite the fact that the judicial authorities have investigated alleged corrupt public servants.

The document, published last Wednesday, reports that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have indicated that the greatest obstacle to effective investigations is the lack of political will to prosecute people accused of corruption, particularly those with good connections or politicians. high level.

He adds that NGOs and private citizens regularly reported acts of corruption by law enforcement officials, including police officers and immigration and prison officials.
“On occasions, the Government used non-judicial penalties for corruption, including the dismissal or transfer of military personnel, police, judges and other minor officials. However, the widespread acceptance and tolerance of minor corruption hampered anti-corruption efforts, ”says the report on human rights in the DR.

The State Department brief cites the Odebrecht case to exemplify when civil society perceives a lack of political will to investigate a case involving the country’s political and economic elites, and where only six of 14 investigated were opened for trial.
He highlights that after a report was released by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists that revealed bribes of more than US $ 39 million in the construction of the Punta Catalina thermoelectric plant, the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) questioned financial consultants involved in the tender for the plant, but no additional charges were presented.


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