Barbados is working assiduously to meet targets and play its role in ensuring there is a reduction in the levels of global greenhouse gas emissions over the next decade to prevent the worst impacts of climate change.

This was indicated by Environment Minister, Trevor Prescod, as he addressed the second annual meeting of the Caribbean Cooperative Measurement, Reporting and Verification Hub (CCMRVH).
In attendance at this forum, held recently at Hilton Barbados Resort, were representatives and technical experts from English-speaking CARICOM countries and international and regional organisations.

Outlining some of the work the country is doing, Prescod said, “At present, we are looking at alternative energy programmes across Barbados and the Prime Minister is placing great emphasis on that.”

He added, “We have a programme which we intend to reach, even with the challenges of the climate, because this is probably one of the most severe dry seasons in a considerable time in Barbados. We are planting over one billion trees across the landscape within the year 2020 and I can give you the assurance that we will achieve the objectives.”

Prescod also told the gathering that “2020 must be another significant year for addressing climate action.” He stated the day’s CCMRVH event was “an opportunity for the region to build the needed capacity in the fight against climate change and not only as an exercise to facilitate reporting to the [United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change] UNFCCC.”


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