US expert who predicted the spread of coronavirus across the world says pandemic will last SIX MONTHS and a mask and gloves probably will NOT stop you catching it

  • Michael Osterholm was interviewed on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast 
  • He told listeners Tuesday: ‘This is going to unfold for months to come. We’re gonna be in some hurt for the next few months’ 
  • Osterholm told Rogan the ‘whole issue of using your hands and touching your face’, data is ‘very weak that the virus is going to be transmitted this way’ 
  • He added that ‘just breathing air’ is likely the primary way to contract it
  • The public health scientist said the N-95 respirator is very effective compared to a surgical mask however there is a shortage 
  • Osterholm believes putting cruise ship passengers in quarantine on the vessels is a bad idea because the same air is being circulated via ventilation systems
  • The self-labelled ‘medical detective’ told Rogan that he doesn’t think COVID-19 is being used as a weapon of war as some conspiracy theorists have claimed
  • He said we’ll have to ‘wait this out’ and offered general health advice for immunity because a vaccine is unlikely to be ready soon

An infectious disease expert who predicted the spread of coronavirus has claimed the epidemic will go on for up to six months and says it’s pointless wearing a face mask and gloves amid the outbreak.

Michael Osterholm told the Joe Rogan Experience podcast listeners as there were 125,743 confirmed cases worldwide and 4,160 deaths Tuesday, that things would only get worse.

In the US there had been 1,135 confirmed COVID-19 infections and 38 deaths by the evening and in New York subway workers were seen cleaning surfaces, while in Colorado drive-thru tests were being done to limit potential exposure.

‘It’s just beginning,’ Osterholm said. ‘In terms of the hurt, pain, suffering, death that has happened so far is really just the beginning,’ he told host Joe Rogan. ‘This is going to unfold for months to come. We’re gonna be in some hurt for the next few months.’


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