Dominican Republic: Reportage. Alternative City regrets State abandoning public housing policies

The housing deficit reaches one million 400 thousand, because as of 2012 the Government’s policy is to support the private sector in the production of housing, while it has abandoned public policies aimed at the most vulnerable sectors.

Ricardo González, director of Ciudad Alternativa (CA), believes that every year the Dominican State builds less housing for sectors that really need state support.
He points out that the Government’s approach, as of 2012, is to support the private sector in the production of homes, while abandoning public policies in this area.
Jenny Torres, CA’s public policy coordinator, estimates that the housing deficit affects about 50% of the population, while in the last seven years the National Housing Institute (Invi) barely built 13,000 solutions.

It deplores that for this year, only 0.03% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is dedicated to the housing issue, with a considerable decrease in recent years.
Ricardo González, observes that the authorities only attend situations of vulnerability when catastrophic events occur with the replacement of roofs, in most cases in the same disaster areas as riverbanks and ravines.

“When a home is rebuilt in a danger zone, what is condemning the family to continue living in the same vulnerability, their problem is not solved,” he says.
He cites as an example of his assessment the actions taken by the authorities in the wake of the hurricanes of Irma and María in the provinces of the Northwest Line, María Trinidad Sánchez, Puerto Plata, La Vega.


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