Dominican Republic: Boat will clean Ozama arrived at the port of Sansoucí

The ship that will clean the Ozama River, “Interceptor 004”, arrived last Sunday at the port of Sansoucí last Sunday, where the Navy of the Dominican Republic is installing its equipment so that it can begin to collect the plastic waste that is in the river.

“In addition to preparing the Interceptor, this day (yesterday) also began the training of the people who will be in charge of its use and operation,” said the Minister of the Presidency, Gustavo Montalvo, who chairs the Presidential Rescue Commission of the Ozama and Isabela rivers.

Montalvo explained, through a press release, that the Navy will be in charge of the operation and safety of the vessel.

After explaining that work is being done on the construction of the pier, where the plastic waste will be extracted, as well as the anchor points where it will operate, Montalvo said that the ship will be located in the Ozama channel with a floating barrier that concentrates and directs the waste towards the drainage system of the device.

Subsequently, a belt transports the waste inwards and deposits it in one of its six containers. When the tanks are full, the ship emits a warning signal and the garbage is taken to the shore with the help of a barge.
The ship, which is autonomous and runs on solar energy, can collect up to 120,000 pounds of waste every day.

A donation. Interceptor 004 was donated by the Dutch foundation “The Ocean Cleanup (OCU)”, which developed the ship with the aim of preventing plastic waste from continuing to reach the oceans.


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