Jamaicans Say Political Candidates Must Declare Nationality; No To Pay Increase For Parliamentarians

Following a series of challenges since 2007 inside and outside court over the dual citizenship held by some political candidates, it appears Jamaicans are still uncomfortable with the idea of persons holding other nationalities while sitting in Gordon House. 

A recent poll RJRGleaner Group-Don Anderson poll found that 90 per cent of people surveyed believe candidates running for parliament should declare their nationality. The survey was conducted among 1,038 Jamaicans last month and has a margin of error of plus or minus three per cent.

Only seven per cent of those surveyed disagreed that candidates should declare their nationality. One per cent said they did not know and another one per cent said they were not sure.

No pay increase for parliamentarians

Meanwhile, most Jamaicans also disagree with a pay increase for parliamentarians. The poll showed that eight in every 10 Jamaicans disagree with increased pay for members of parliament; 12 per cent believe they should be paid more, while four per cent did not know and three per cent were not sure.

Late last year, some parliamentarians voiced their disgruntlement with their current salary package and made the case for an improved package.

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