First election of Miss Plus Size Suriname

In April, the Miss / Mrs Plus Size Suriname is chosen for the first time, during an event at the Ramada Rooftop. There is also the casting at the end of March.

Illanga Bel, the National Director and license holder of the election, came from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in Suriname in February to explain the plans for the Surinamese election. Together with Jermain Tjin A Koeng and Gietanjali Thakoer from Tropical Beauties Suriname and her Director of Operations Lugard Williams, she is busy preparing for the casting and the show.

The winners will compete for the honor in November 2020 in the international election that will also be held in Suriname. Illanga thinks it is important that the election is held in the country of world title holder Evita Tjon A Ten. She was named Miss Top of the World Plus Size 2019 in November during the international election in Kiev, Ukraine.

Previously the candidates were chosen by the director himself. “I think it is very important that the election comes to Suriname. Evita has put down a great performance within ‘Team Illanga’ by going viral on various social media channels with her YouTube video in which she represented Suriname. I think you should continue to do that. Suriname is a beautiful country with beautiful people. We are warm and friendly and our flora and fauna is one of the most beautiful in the world. That must be seen “. she says.


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