Dominican Republic: COVID-19- President of the Lazio region announces that he has the virus

Nicola Zingaretti, president of the Lazio region, whose capital is Rome, announced today in a video on social networks that he has been diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Zingaretti explained that all the planned protocols are being applied to him and that he is in home isolation, while both his family and the rest of the people who have had close contact with him are being examined.

He added that, as he has always defended, it is necessary not to panic and fight the virus. According to the latest data on the situation in Lazio, there are 54 people who have tested positive, of which 26 are hospitalized, eight of them in intensive care units, in addition to a deceased.

In Lombardy, the entire regional board is isolated after a positive case among workers and the mayor of Piacenza, Patrizia Barbieri, one of the cities most hit by the virus in Emilia Romagna has also been infected.

Those killed in Italy with coronaviruses amount to 197 and those currently infected are already 3,916, according to the latest Civil Protection data. Of those infected, 2,394 are hospitalized with symptoms of different entities, 462 receive intensive care and 1,060 recover in quarantine in their own homes.


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